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1. How do Projects Work?

2. Creating a New Project

Here’s how to create a new project within Ply

3. What is an RFQ?

4. Creating Your First RFQ

Creating your first RFQ with Ply is easy!

5. How Can I Add Users to an RFQ in Ply?

6. What are the statues for an RFQ?

7. What Does 'Archived RFQ' Mean in Ply?

8. How Quickly Can I Expect to Receive Bids on Ply?

9. What Should I Do If My RFQ Receives No Bids?

10. How can I share an RFQ with a supplier?

11. What is a mixed-bid?

12. What is a swapped material?

13. What Does 'Unavailable Material' Indicate?

14. Why do bids expire from suppliers?

15. How Does Ply Calculate Lead Times?

16. How do I accept a bid on Ply?

17. What happens when I reject a bid?

18. Are There Any Fees for Not Accepting an RFQ on Ply?

19. How is ‘activity’ tracked?

20. How Will I Be Notified About the Location of My Materials?

21. What is the Significance of a Blinking Green Dot on an RFQ Card?

22. What is a dedicated buyer and how do I contact them?

23. How Do I Add and Manage My Suppliers in Ply?

24. How do ‘Unified net-terms’ work?

25. What Payment Methods Are Accepted by Ply?

26. How do I check my pending orders?

27. Do I Need to Pay Each Supplier Individually?

28. Are There Additional Fees for Using a Credit Card on Ply?

29. What is the Ply Transaction Fee?

30. What Additional Fees Might Be Included in an RFQ?

31. What is the difference between catalog and stock?

👨‍💻 How Can I Generate & Print Barcodes in Ply?

33. What are low/critical amounts?

34. What's the Difference Between Warehouses and Trucks on Ply?

35. What Are 'Jobs' and How Do They Work?

36. What are Draft RFQs?

37. What are Movement Statistics in a Stock Location?

38. How do you transfer a material from catalog to a location?

39. How to transfer materials from one location to another?

👨‍💻 How Can I Customize My Barcodes?

Select the barcode size that suits you best

40. Exploring Innovative Barcode Solutions for Streamlining Truck Checkouts

🏷️ TAGS | How To Use Tags on My Items?

📁 CATEGORIES | How To Create And Use Categories on My Items?

👥 USERS PERMISSIONS | What Are The Access Levels for Each User Profile on Ply?

🖨️ Printer, Scanner & Paper We Recommend

📊 Barcoding: How to Configure Your Scanner Device?

Devices with Integrated Scanners

🛠️ Activating and Deactivating Materials

Transform, don't trash! Deactivate your materials instead of deleting them.

✍️ How to Generate Picklist PDF for Warehouse Management?

Picklist PDF for Warehouse Management

📦 How to Add Multiple UPCs to an Item?

Do you use UPCs? Find here how to assign multiple codes to an item.

📍How to Manage Bins, Aisle, Bays and Level Locations?

Managing Your Warehouse Storage