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9. What Should I Do If My RFQ Receives No Bids?

🧐 If your RFQ does not attract bids within a few days, don’t worry—this can happen, especially with specialty items or materials that are discontinued or rare.


Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Communication: Your supplier will reach out to inform you of any known delays or issues, providing as much detail as possible about the cause.
  1. Factors Influencing Availability: Several elements could affect bid reception, including limited inventory by the manufacturer, regional distribution challenges, or the age and scarcity of the material.
  1. Strategic Planning: If bids are not forthcoming, your supplier will discuss with you the next steps and strategies to source the required materials or equipment.

We understand that prompt bid reception is crucial, and we stand by to assist with alternative solutions if your initial RFQ does not yield immediate results.

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