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8. How Quickly Can I Expect to Receive Bids on Ply?

💬 Ply is committed to delivering bids promptly, often aiming for a turnaround of 30 minutes under standard conditions. However, there's no rigid SLA for bid submission times due to various influencing factors:

  • Queue Volume: The number of bids awaiting processing can impact speed.
  • Order Complexity: Detailed orders with numerous items may require more time for thorough and competitive bidding.
  • Item Availability: Hard-to-find items might lengthen the bidding period as our team seeks out the best sources.
  • Time of Day: Bids requested during peak business hours or off-hours might face slight delays.

Despite these variables, Ply leverages a vast SKU database and strong supplier connections to expedite the quote process. Our customer support is also available to address any urgent needs or timing concerns. Plus, full transparency is provided through the ‘Activity’ tab, showcasing all the actions taken by your dedicated buyer.

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