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7. What Does 'Archived RFQ' Mean in Ply?

📂 An archived RFQ is one that you or your dedicated buyer has categorized as currently inactive. This doesn't mean it's gone forever; rather, it's simply on hold and can be revisited if circumstances change.

  • Lost Bids: If a bid is not won, the RFQ can be archived instead of remaining active.
  • Expired Requests: When an RFQ has outlived its relevance without a successful bid or response, it may be archived for record-keeping.
  • Change in Requirements: If the initial need for the RFQ changes due to a revised project scope or a misdiagnosis of requirements, it can be archived.
  • Operational Pauses: Should there be any reason to pause the RFQ, such as shifting priorities or project delays, archiving it helps keep your dashboard organized

Archiving is part of maintaining a clean and efficient ordering process in Ply, ensuring that your active board remains clutter-free and focused on current activities.

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