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6. What are the statues for an RFQ?

🟢 In an effort to track each stage of the RFQ process Ply has a number of statues that will provide transparency to where your RFQ is in it’s procurement lifecycle.

  • Open Request: Your RFQ is fresh and waiting for suppliers to place their bids. It's the starting point of your procurement journey.
  • Requests with Bids: As suppliers show interest and submit bids, your RFQ progresses to this active phase, signaling engagement from the market.
  • Bid Selected: This pivotal status indicates you've made your choice, accepting a bid that best fits your needs, which in turn locks out other bids.
  • Transaction Complete: The RFQ reaches this milestone once payment is successfully made, marking the financial wrap-up of the transaction.
  • Logistics Finalized: This buyer-controlled status is updated when shipping information is generated, indicating that logistics are in place.
  • Delivered: Another buyer-controlled status that confirms the physical arrival of your requested materials.
  • Expired: An RFQ that hasn't progressed within the expected timeframe will automatically shift to this status, prompting a potential reassessment.
  • Archived: To maintain a tidy board, RFQs that are no longer active are moved to an archived state, though they can be reactivated if necessary.
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Ply's platform is adaptable, and additional statuses can be discussed with your dedicated buyer to tailor the system to your business's unique workflow. If you require further information or need assistance with a specific part of the RFQ process, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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