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5. How Can I Add Users to an RFQ in Ply?

👥 In Ply, adding users to an RFQ is a straightforward process that ensures the right team members have access to the information they need, while also maintaining confidentiality where necessary. Here's how to do it:

  1. During RFQ Creation: As you're setting up a new RFQ, you'll have the option to include users. If you're assigning the RFQ to users with existing roles like Owner or Admin, they may already have the necessary access.
  1. For Existing RFQs: If you need to add someone after the RFQ has been created, simply click on the '+add users' link. This will open a modal where you can choose from existing users or invite new ones to Ply, assigning appropriate permissions as you go.

Remember, by default, technicians typically do not have access to RFQs to limit exposure to sensitive information. Permissions can be adjusted as needed to grant access to additional users.

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