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36. What are Draft RFQs?

📌 Draft RFQs on Ply are preliminary requests for quotations that are prepared for review and approval before being finalized and sent out to suppliers:

  • Approval Process: These drafts are typically created by field technicians and are then sent to the warehouse manager, back office, or business owner for approval.
  • Not Ready to Send: A Draft RFQ is not yet a complete RFQ; it's a work-in-progress that requires further validation.
  • Tech-Created Lists: Through the field tech mobile app, technicians can compile a list of materials they 'need', which the system then converts into a Draft RFQ.
  • Warehouse vs. Order: The app distinguishes which items can be supplied from existing warehouse stock and which need to be ordered. This selection process forms the basis of the Draft RFQ.

Draft RFQs facilitate a controlled and efficient procurement process by ensuring all material requests are accurate and authorized before proceeding to the bidding stage.

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