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34. What's the Difference Between Warehouses and Trucks on Ply?

🏠 Ply differentiates between two types of inventory locations for managing your stock:

  • Warehouses: These are fixed, immobile locations where your inventory is stored. They serve as central hubs for larger quantities of stock and can accommodate a wide range of materials.
  • Trucks: In contrast, trucks are mobile locations. They act as on-the-go warehouses that transport and store the tools and materials necessary for your teams in the field.


  • Both warehouses and trucks can be assigned to employees and are capable of managing inventory.
  • For the purpose of inventory counts and location tracking within Ply, both are considered equal — there's no difference in how they are weighted or managed in the system.

This distinction allows you to maintain a clear organizational structure for all your resources, regardless of whether they are stationary or mobile.

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