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26. How do I check my pending orders?

🟡 Staying organized and on top of your orders is key to the smooth operation of your business. Ply offers a few locations that allows you to monitor your pending orders with ease.


Here are three places where you can check the status of your pending orders:

  1. Dashboard:
      • Centralized Control: provides you the ability to see all your RFQs and their statuses on a single board. These status columns will provide insight into pending orders from new orders to delivered statues.
  1. RFQ Details:
      • Detailed Breakdown: For a granular view of your orders, the RFQ details section is your go-to resource. Here, you'll see the status, recent activity, and comprehensive order information, providing you with the specifics of each RFQ at your fingertips.
  1. Orders Tab:
      • Consolidated Transactions: The Orders tab compiles all your transactions in one place. It lists all orders that have been completed, accepted, or paid, offering actionable insights for managing repayments and overseeing your financial responsibilities

By utilizing these features, you can maintain excellent oversight of your orders, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

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