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23. How Do I Add and Manage My Suppliers in Ply?

👷 Adding and overseeing your suppliers on Ply is a straightforward process that enhances your procurement workflow.


Here's how it's done:

  1. Supplier Tab: Navigate to the 'Suppliers' tab within the Ply platform. This is your central hub for all supplier-related information.
  1. Adding Suppliers: You can add new supplier contacts here, complete with necessary details that facilitate communication and collaboration during the RFQ process.
  1. Updating Information: Whenever there's a change or update needed for a supplier's information, you can handle it promptly in this section.
  1. Integration in RFQs: The suppliers you add are integrated into the RFQ creation process, allowing you to specify which suppliers your dedicated buyer should contact.
  1. Sharing RFQs: These supplier details are also used when you want to share RFQ URLs directly, especially if you're managing procurement in-house.
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Initial Setup:

  • Onboarding Assistance: During the initial setup, you can provide us with a list of your regular suppliers. We'll help fill in any missing details to ensure you have a comprehensive supplier list from the get-go.
  • Linking FSM: if you’re linking your FSM in most cases we will ingest your vendor or supplier lists into Ply. This will update when you make changes on either platform to keep the data synced.

By keeping your supplier list updated in Ply, you ensure a smoother, more personalized procurement process.

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