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2. Creating a New Project

Here’s how to create a new project within Ply

💼 Ply allows you to streamline your workflow by organizing RFQs and orders within Projects. If you're handling multiple jobs or tasks that require various requests, setting up a new project can help keep everything organized.

Steps to Create a New Project:

  1. Start a New Request:
      • In your Ply dashboard, locate and click the ‘New Request’ button. This is your entry point into creating a project as part of the request process.
  1. Navigate to Project Details:
      • Within the new request funnel, you’ll be prompted to provide details about the project. This step is crucial to categorize your RFQs appropriately.
  1. Specify Project Information:
      • If this RFQ is for a new project, you'll have the option to create a new project directly within this workflow. Enter the project name, location, expected timeline, and any other pertinent details.
  1. Add Project Specifics:
      • Provide additional information that defines the project scope, such as project objectives, materials list, and estimated budget.
  1. Assign Team Members:
      • Depending on your role, you may be able to assign team members to the project at this stage, ensuring that the right people have access and can contribute to the project requests.
  1. Finalize and Save:
      • Review the details you've entered for the new project to ensure accuracy. Once confirmed, save the new project within the request funnel.
  1. Proceed with RFQs:
      • With the project now established, you can continue creating your RFQ, attaching it to this newly created project.

Important Notes:

  • Multiple RFQs: Remember that one project can encompass multiple RFQs. This allows you to manage all related procurement activities under a single project umbrella.
  • Project Management: Projects in Ply act as organizational units, helping you keep track of costs, timelines, and materials across various jobs.

Should you need assistance with setting up a new project or managing existing ones, Ply's support is readily available to guide you.

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