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17. What happens when I reject a bid?

📌 Should you find a bid unsuitable due to pricing, lead time, or any other factors, you can reject it by selecting ‘reject’. Your RFQ will remain open for more bids or bid adjustments from the same suppliers.


Here's what happens next:

  1. Record Keeping: The rejected bid remains a part of your RFQ's historical data, ensuring you have a complete record of all bids received for future reference and analysis.
  1. Transaction Lock: Once rejected, the bid is preserved in the history but is no longer active; you cannot proceed with any transaction based on that particular bid.
  1. Notification: Your buyer is automatically alerted when you reject a bid, keeping all relevant parties informed and up-to-date on the RFQ's status.

Rejecting a bid is a simple yet tracked action in Ply, ensuring the decision-making process is transparent and recorded for your RFQ's lifecycle.

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