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15. How Does Ply Calculate Lead Times?

⏳ Lead times on Ply are determined primarily by supplier input, but that's just the beginning. We take accuracy seriously, so we employ a data-informed approach to give you the most reliable estimates:

  1. Supplier-Provided Data: Initially, lead times are provided directly by the suppliers for each item.
  1. Historical Insights: Our system analyzes historical data from suppliers and logistics providers to add context and adjust for variances, offering a realistic projection.
  1. Buyer's Expertise: Your dedicated buyer may further refine these times based on their extensive experience, enhancing the accuracy of the estimates.
  1. Item-Level Specificity: Lead times are detailed for each material item, ensuring clarity and precision in planning.
  1. Transparency in Uncertainty: If lead times are not yet available or haven't been received from the supplier, we'll mark these items as ‘unavailable’ to maintain clear communication.

With Ply, you're not just getting numbers; you're getting a comprehensive, informed snapshot of your order timeline.

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