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11. What is a mixed-bid?

A mixed bid is an aggregate of all supplier bids that selects the ‘best of’ all material line items and displays that theme selection as the option. It's a dynamic selection mechanism that sifts through all supplier bids, identifying and highlighting the most advantageous options for each material line item based on your specified criteria. As suppliers update their quotes or as you adjust pricing and lead times, Ply's algorithm refreshively curates the best possible combination, offering an up-to-date 'best of' compilation.


Ply enhances this process by offering three distinct types of mixed-bids:

  1. Mixed-bid by lead time: provides you an aggregate view of the best lead time based on the supplier provided quotes.
  1. Mixed-bid by price: provides you an aggregate view of the best pricing for each of the material items based on the provided pricing from the supplier.
  1. Custom mixed-bid: allows you to create your own mixed-bid from the provided supplier quotes giving you control over pricing, lead time, and supplier selection
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The added convenience of mixed-bids is the streamlined payment process through Ply. Make a single payment to Ply, and the platform takes care of reimbursing your suppliers, simplifying your financial workflows.

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