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10. How can I share an RFQ with a supplier?

⏩ Sharing an RFQ with a supplier in Ply is designed to be seamless, keeping your procurement process efficient and professional to reduce human errors.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Unique RFQ URL: Each RFQ you create generates a unique, shareable URL that embodies your branding and the specifics of the RFQ. This link can be easily sent via email, directly from Ply, using your integrated email address.
  1. Supplier Interaction: When suppliers receive this URL, they'll access a tailored page where they can input all necessary bid details. They can view and fill in:
      • Name of Request: The title you've assigned to the RFQ, typically reflecting the project's name or location.
      • Request Details: Essential information like job number, delivery location, and the person who requested the RFQ.
      • Bid Timelines: Clearly marked bid-by dates and a countdown to the closing of the bid window.
      • Material Specifications: Comprehensive details of the materials required, including quantities, lead times, costs, and any notes related to substitutions or non-availability.
  1. Additional Options for Suppliers: Suppliers can enhance their bid by:
      • Adding New Items: Suggesting additional materials or substitutions not originally listed.
      • Uploading Attachments: Providing relevant documents such as submittals, installation instructions, or detailed quotes.
      • Breaking Down Quotes: Entering detailed financial information including subtotal, taxes, and shipping costs.
      • Adding Notes: Including any additional comments or clarifications in a free-form notes section.
  1. Bid Submission: Suppliers can review their entries and submit their quote directly into your Ply account.

Bids submitted via the unique RFQ URL are treated with the same level of visibility and importance as those from dedicated buyers, ensuring your team can review and manage them effectively.

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