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1. How do Projects Work?

🏢 Projects within Ply serve as organizational units that encapsulate all the procurement activities for a particular job or task. Your business can manage as many projects and their requests within Ply.


Here’s a brief overview of how projects function:

  • Centralized Organization: A project is essentially a dedicated workspace for all related RFQs, making it easier to manage multiple requests under a single umbrella that corresponds to a specific job or location.
  • Visual Tracking: Each project boasts its own status board, providing a visual representation of where each RFQ stands within the project’s lifecycle, from initiation to completion.
  • Easy Assignment: When you're setting up an RFQ, Ply streamlines the process by allowing you to attach it either to a new project or an existing one, ensuring all related requests are neatly grouped.
  • Seamless Integration: For those who utilize Field Service Management (FSM) software, Ply doesn’t leave you juggling between systems. It integrates to keep project details aligned and synchronized across platforms.

Projects in Ply are designed to keep your procurement process organized and integrated, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency. If you need to delve into more specifics or require assistance with project setup and management, I'm here to help guide you through.

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