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Managing User Permissions

User permissions management

Understanding User Roles:

Before adjusting permissions, it's important to understand the roles available in Ply:

  • Admin: Complete control over the platform with the ability to manage all aspects of the system.
  • Manager: Can oversee RFQs and bids with some access to settings, suitable for team leads.
  • Member: View-only access to various lists, ideal for staff members who need to stay informed but not make changes.
  • Tech: Access is tailored to the needs of field technicians, usually restricted to job-specific information.

Steps to Manage User Roles:

  1. Access Settings: From your Ply dashboard, navigate to the 'Settings' cogwheel icon.
  1. Manage Users: Within the settings menu, click on 'Manage Users' to see a list of current users.
  1. User Options: Next to each user's name, click on the three dots to open user options.
  1. Manage Role: In the options menu, select ‘Manage Role’ to adjust the user's permissions.
  1. Change Role: In the role management window, choose the new role from the dropdown menu to match the user's responsibilities.
  1. Update User: Confirm the role change by clicking ‘Update User’. The changes take effect immediately without notifying the user.

Post-Update Considerations:

  • No Automatic Notification: Users do not receive automated notifications when their roles are changed. It's best practice to inform the user directly of any changes to their permissions to avoid confusion and ensure they understand their updated access level.
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By regularly reviewing and updating user permissions, you ensure that your team members have the appropriate access they need to perform their roles effectively. This helps safeguard sensitive information and maintain operational integrity. If you require assistance or have questions about managing user permissions, Ply's support team is available to provide guidance.

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