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Integrations with Ply (FSM)

Ply streamlines business with integrations

📶 Ply's integration capabilities allow you to connect with various Field Service Management (FSM) systems, accounting software, and banking services to streamline your operations.


Here's how to get your systems integrated with Ply:

Step 1: Onboarding and Account Linking

  • Initial Setup: During the onboarding process, Ply will prompt you to link your FSM, accounting software, and bank accounts. This step is optional and can be completed later if preferred.

Step 2: Accessing Integrations

  • Navigating to Integrations: Log into your Ply account and go to 'Settings'. Within Settings, select 'Integrations' to view available integration options.
  • Choosing Integration Type: Click on the type of integration you want to set up – FSM, Accounting, or Banking.

Step 3: Linking Accounts

  • FSM Integration:
    • For FSMs like ServiceTitan, Housecall Pro, and Procore, you'll need API keys from these services.
    • Follow Ply's prompts to enter the API keys and establish a secure connection.
  • Accounting Software Integration:
    • For accounting platforms such as Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and Xero, login credentials will be required.
    • Enter your username and password for the respective accounting service to link your accounts.
  • Banking Integration via Plaid:
    • This integration is particularly used for underwriting purposes.
    • Securely log in using your banking credentials through Plaid, which allows Ply to analyze transaction history and balances without storing your information.

Step 4: Managing Integrations

  • Review and Manage: Once your accounts are linked, you can manage these connections within the 'Integrations' section, updating or removing them as needed.

Step 5: Integration Confirmation

  • Confirmation and Troubleshooting: Ensure that the integrations are functioning correctly. Ply support is available if you encounter any issues or need assistance during the setup process.

By integrating your FSM, accounting, and banking with Ply, you can enjoy a cohesive experience with seamless data flow, enhancing efficiency and providing a more comprehensive overview of your business’s financial and operational status. If you need help at any point, Ply's customer support is ready to assist you via phone, email, or live chat.

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