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Setting up the PT-P950NW Printer with Ply

Step by step guide to setting up your Brother PT-P950NW barcode printer with Ply.

The PT-P950 is the recommended Ply model for high quality lament labels. It allows for a range of sizes from 10mm to 36mm (we recommend 24mm or 36mm white) and different color options to fit your bins, bays, and items.

Step 1: Plug-in and make sure your printer is turned on


When on, the power button will light up solid green 🟢.

If yellow 🟡 it means there is an error or you need to add in a printer cartridge.

Notion image

Step 2: Turn on WiFI: Click the WiFI icon.


When its on it will turn green 🟢.

Notion image

Step 3: Find the printer WiFi connection on your device WiFi settings


Go to settings > WiFi > select your PT series printer. It will display the last 5 digits of the serial number and the model number as highlighted below. For other models and series you will see the model name and serial number.

Notion image

Step 4: Click on the WiFi connection for your printer to enter password


The password for the device will be 00000000 as listed below. For other models the password may be different. Follow the manufacturer instructions.

Notion image

Step 5: Confirm the connection in WiFi settings


Once connected you’ll see a check mark next to the name of your printer model and serial number like the image below.

Notion image

Step 6: Open up the Ply iOS or Android application and navigate to an item in your catalog or location


Once on an item in a location or your catalog. You will see a green printing icon in the upper right of the page that will take you to printer configuration.

Notion image

Step 7: Navigate to the printer tab, the third option, to connect the printer in Ply


Once in the printer settings you will:

  • Select the label size from the options. This needs to match the exact label size you have in the printer otherwise it will throw an error.
  • Select the printer from the WiFi settings.
  • Click save.

Note: sometimes it may not find the printer at first. You have to back out and back in to establish a connection in that rare case. If it continues to not find the printer hard close the app and repeat steps 6 and 7 and ensure your printer is connected to your device.

Notion image

Step 8: Confirm saved connection


After hitting save you will be taken to the Print page. Confirm that the printer is visible as shown below. If not, repeat steps 6 and 7.

Notion image

Step 9: Navigate to the barcode tab to select your barcode type and format


Ply offers QR and 128 code support as options. These settings will change the layout of the barcode space based on the selection.


Additional settings include selecting the barcode if there are multiple barcodes for that item, selecting the variant if there are options for the product, and number of copies you’d like to print.

Notion image

Step 10: Configure your barcode content

  1. Printer layout: displays a number of configurations you can enable based on the printer type and set up. For this printer Layout 3 works best but feel free to explore other layouts.
  1. Print orientation: allows you to adjust the orientation of the printer. For the PT series lanscape works best.
  1. Print elements: customize the content and information you want displayed on the label. The content will change in the label example above to show what will print.

Note: your settings will save so when you print the next label all you need to do is hit the print icon.

Notion image

Step 11: Click print to send the label to print from the device


If your printer is configured correctly with the instructions from Ply it will being printing automatically.


If there is an error Ply will inform you on the screen. The two most common errors are:

  1. Paper mismatch: if you have a different paper type selected in Ply with what is in the printer it will alert you. If this happens click on printer > connected printer > paper settings and select the correct paper option
  1. Device disconnected: your device may get disconnected for various reasons like reboot of range or connect to another signal. Ply will inform you of this with a prompt. To reconnect repeat step 7.
Notion image

Step 12: Label will print from the device


The label will begin printing from the device automatically. It will take ~5 seconds per label to print if you’ve selected multiple copies.

Notion image

Step 13: Label printing completed


Once printed you can peel off the paper back and apply the label to your bins, bays or product.

Notion image

Ply will display a success message once the label has printed.

Notion image
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