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Setting up the Brother PT-E560BT with Ply

The Brother PT-E560BT printer is a power mobile WiFi & Bluetooth printer that integrates directly with Ply. This lament printer is perfect for mobile locations to print off from a wide range of layouts and sizes of lament tape options. It’s also an excellent utility printer for tasks outside of Ply.


This tutorial will cover the basics of setting up your PTE printer and connecting it to Ply. While we’ll be covering the PT-E560BT this tutorial will work for most PT-E series printers.

Step 1: Plug-in and make sure your printer is turned on


The PT-E560BT is an extremely mobile rugged printer and has a built in battery. To charge use a USB-C power source and plug it into the bottom. When charged press and hold the red power button on the right.

Notion image

Once powered on you will see a screen that looks similar to this. At this point you do not need to take any action in the printer settings.

Notion image

Step 2: Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your device


Select the option that says PT-E560BT_xx. Android users may have an additional pairing setting that will trigger a prompt while inside the Ply application.


Once connection is confirmed navigate to the Ply application.

Notion image

Step 3: Navigate to a material you want to print off


In Ply, navigate to the item that you wish to print off and click on the printer 🖨️ in the upper right of the material details edit view.

Notion image

Step 4: Click on ‘Printer’ from the options


After clicking on the printer icon, you’ll now see the printer configuration for Ply. This is where we will connect the printer and save it to the app. Navigate to ‘Printer’ next to ‘Content’.

Notion image

Step 5: Select the PT-E560B from the Bluetooth list


Once in printer settings, you will see a few options. Select the printer from the list under Bluetooth.


If you do not see the printer listed in either WiFi or Bluetooth, repeat step #4.

Notion image

Step 5: Select the printer paper that is in the device


Click on Label Size to select the paper you installed in your printer. If you’re unsure of the paper size, You can find it on the roll, either on the paper or on a sticker.


Click Save after your selection.

Notion image

Step 6: Click Save


Click Save to input your label size and printer selection.

Notion image

Step 7: Navigate to content to select the label configuration


Once you’ve selected your device and the label size, navigate to the ‘Content’ section.


The best configuration for this printer is either Layout #1 or Layout #3 with portrait . Below is an example. Feel free to experiment with the different options and content.

Notion image

Step 8: Watch the printer print from the top of the device


Once satisfied with your configuration, click the print icon 🖨️ in the upper right and the printer will receive the data.

Notion image
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