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How does Ply integrate with other software?

🔗 Ply integrates with other software to create a seamless workflow for businesses, particularly in the field services and contracting sectors. Here's how Ply's integration works:

Field Service Management (FSM) Integration:

Ply connects with popular FSM systems like ServiceTitan, Housecall Pro, and Procore. These integrations enable Ply to synchronize job and project details, which can include everything from client information to detailed work orders. This connection usually requires an API key from the FSM, which Ply uses to ensure secure data exchange.

Accounting Software Integration:

Ply can link with accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero. This allows for real-time updates to financial records, direct invoicing, and reconciliation of expenses. The integration typically involves logging in with your username and password for the accounting software, enabling data to be pulled into Ply or pushed from Ply to the accounting system.

Banking Integration:

Through Plaid, a secure third-party service, Ply integrates with your bank accounts. This integration is used primarily for underwriting purposes if you're utilizing Ply's financing options, like Net terms. You log in with your banking credentials, and Plaid facilitates a connection that allows Ply to analyze transaction history and balances. This data helps Ply in assessing creditworthiness and risk without storing your banking login details.

How Integration Benefits Your Business:

  • Streamlined Operations: Syncing FSM and accounting software with Ply eliminates the need to manually update multiple systems, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Financial Clarity: The integration with accounting software provides a clear financial picture by automatically updating accounts receivable, payable, and overall cash flow.
  • Enhanced Credit Facilities: Banking integration enables Ply to offer tailored financial products like Net terms, improving cash flow management for businesses.
  • Unified Platform: Users can manage jobs, track inventory, oversee procurement, and handle financials all within one ecosystem, making the business more efficient and responsive.

To set up these integrations, users typically access the 'Settings' menu in Ply, navigate to 'Integrations', and follow the prompts to link the various external software systems. Ply's support team is available to assist with the integration process, ensuring a smooth setup.

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