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How Can I Integrate My Service Titan Account with Ply?

Step 1: Navigating to Integrations within Ply

  1. Go to the settings in the lower left of your Ply account
  1. Look for the "Integrations" tab within your settings
  1. Then, click on Connect Field Service Management (FSM) to begin integrations
  1. Connect your FSM by clicking on the ‘Connect Now’ button
  1. Choose Service Titan to begin the integration process.
  1. Leave the modal open that asks for your tenant id

Step 2: Get your ID’s in your Service Titan account

note: you must be an Admin to get the integration keys

  1. Open up Service Titan in a separate browser
  1. In Service Titan Press the gear icon in the top-right corner
  1. Press "Integration" in the sidebar.
  1. Press "API Application Access". If you don't see this option, ask your company account admin to give you access.
  1. Find your "Tenant ID" in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Connect New Ply App to Service Titan

  1. Next, return to your ServiceTitan account and "Connect New App".
  1. Select "Ply" and press "Connect".
  1. Finally, select "Allow Access".

Step 4: Get Client Id and Client Secret from Service Titan

  1. Now that you have connected Ply API app, you can get your Client Id and Client Secret by pressing "Edit".
  1. Copy Client Id and generate a Client Secret.

Step 5: Set up connection with ST within Ply

  1. With the Client Id and Client Secret copy and paste the keys into the modal
  1. Click the button to connect
  1. You’re done! Now wait a few minutes for the data to be transfered

Interactive Tutorial


The following is an interactive tutorial that follows the steps above for Ply into Service Titan connection. To begin click on the blinking icon and follow the guide to set up your integration.

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