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Configuring your MUNBYN Android Barcode Scanner

Step by step guide to setting up your Ply suggested MUNBYN warehouse barcode scanner

The MUNBYN is the Ply-recommended warehouse scanner.

This inexpensive device allows your warehouse manager and team the ability to quickly scan barcodes from anywhere in the app and rapidly adjust inventory.

In order to set up the scanner gun functionality there are a few steps we need to take to connect it with Ply.

Step 1: Open up settings to enable the keyboard scanner settings

Navigate to General Settings which can be found from the home view of the Android device and swipe up from bottom to top.

Notion image

Step 2: Click on the barcode keyboard… icon to open the settings

Once on General settings find the icon that looks like a barcode and a scanner and click on it to open the device barcode configuration.

Notion image

Step 3: Once open, you’ll see a settings screen for all scanner functionality on the device

Notion image

Step 4: Navigate to the AppSettings tab at the top of the screen

Select the AppSettings at the top navigation bar.

Notion image

Step 5: Scroll down to an option called BroadcastReceiver and select it

Notion image

Step 6: Under Broadcast Name remove all text

Notion image

Step 7: Enter in receiver data path so Ply detects the scanner

This step is the most important.

Make sure you enter the following EXACTLY as typed. No misspellings and exactly the casing:


Under Key you will want to put in the following:


Notion image

Step 8: Scroll down to Data Format and select default as the option

Notion image

Step 9: Open Ply and test scanning any barcode in your catalog from anywhere in the app

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