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What is Buy?

'Buy' is one of the two main products offered by Ply, designed to help you simplify your procurement. It streamlines the process of buying materials and also compliments your materials management. 👨‍💻


💻 Key features of 'Buy' include:

  1. Centralized Purchasing: consolidates all purchasing activities in one place, providing complete oversight of costs, lead times, and payments. This centralization helps in making informed buying decisions and unlocking potential savings.
  1. Dedicated Buyer: Ply provides a dedicated buyer who works closely with your team, handling supplier management, negotiations, and logistics communication. This personalized support ensures a smooth procurement process.
  1. Cost and Time Savings: Users typically experience significant cost reductions (over 20%) and save time (more than 10 hours per week), contributing to more efficient business operations.
  1. Flexible Payment Terms: net 60 or net 90 terms on transactions, aiding in cash flow management.
  1. RFQ Management: Managing Request for Quotes becomes effortless, whether interacting with the dedicated buyer or requesting materials via Ply’s web or mobile apps.
  1. Mixed Bid Algorithm: This feature simplifies supplier quote comparisons, aiding in cost savings and better lead times.
  1. Catalog Management: allows for the importation of your catalog or selection from their extensive database, providing historical pricing and purchasing data.
  1. Easy Onboarding: a quick, painless onboarding process with no upfront costs, ensuring businesses can be up and running within 48 hours.

In essence, 'Buy' addresses the challenges of traditional material procurement by offering a solution that is not only efficient but also data-driven, ensuring businesses make the best purchasing decisions while saving time and money.


Below is a product video of ‘Buy’.

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