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Adding Your Suppliers to Ply

Here's how to add your suppliers to Ply

Managing your suppliers efficiently is vital for streamlining your procurement process. Ply simplifies this by providing a centralized place for supplier management.

During Onboarding:

  • Initial Setup: As part of the onboarding process, Ply's team collaborates with you to gather and input your supplier information into the system. We’ll even expand and match from our database of suppliers to enrich the data.
  • Guidance on Reach-Outs: Having your suppliers in Ply informs the system whom to contact for RFQs and Purchase Orders (POs), automating parts of the procurement process.

Ways to Add Suppliers:

  1. Bulk Uploading:
      • Template Provided: Your customer success manager can supply a template for you to compile your supplier list.
      • Upload Assistance: If you have your supplier list ready, simply send it over, and the Ply team will handle the bulk upload.
  1. Individual Adding:
      • Manual Entry: Within Ply, go to the 'Suppliers' section, select 'Add New Supplier', and input the supplier details one by one.
  1. Adding During RFQ Creation:
      • On-the-Fly Addition: While creating an RFQ, you have the option to add new suppliers as part of the process.
  1. Sync with FSMs:
      • Vendor Data Synchronization: Ply can synchronize your vendor list with supported FSM integrations, updating your supplier data automatically.
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If you encounter any issues or have questions during this process, Ply's support team is ready to assist you via phone, email, or live chat

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