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Adding Materials to Your Catalog

🛠️ Ply’s catalog feature streamlines the management of material details, cost analysis, and barcode tracking. Here's how you can add and edit materials in your Ply catalog:

Sync with Your FSM

  • Integrated Catalog: Connect Ply to your Field Service Management (FSM) system to import your materials list. This creates a continuous bi-directional sync, ensuring your catalog is always up-to-date with job details and material requirements from your FSM.
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Bulk Upload Materials

  • Template Upload: Ply supports bulk uploading of materials using a CSV template. This is efficient if you have a large inventory.
  • Contact for Template: To use this method, reach out to your customer success manager or send a request to to obtain the CSV template and instructions.

Manually Add Materials

  • Individual Entry: Materials can be added one at a time using Ply’s web or mobile application. This method is useful for on-the-fly additions or when managing a smaller catalog.

Steps for Manual Addition

  1. Navigate to Catalog: From the home dashboard, click on 'Catalog' to view your existing materials list.
  1. Add New Material: Look for an option to add a new material, which might be indicated by a '+' icon or a button labeled 'Add New' or similar.
  1. Enter Material Details: Fill out the form with all necessary details about the material, such as name, description, unit cost, and any other relevant information.
  1. Save the Material: After entering the details, save the new material to add it to your catalog.
  1. Edit as Needed: If you need to make changes to material information, you can do so by selecting the material from the catalog list and updating the required fields.
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By maintaining a well-organized materials catalog in Ply, you can ensure accurate costing, efficient stock management, and streamlined order processing, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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