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What is Manage?

'Manage' is Ply's stock management product, adeptly designed to provide businesses in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contracting sectors with complete oversight and transparency of their warehouse and truck stock. It seamlessly integrates with Ply's 'Buy' product, enhancing auto-replenishment and material cost savings. 🤑


Core Features of 'Manage':

  1. Warehouse and Truck Management: a detailed view of all materials in warehouses and trucks, allowing for effective management of inventory across different locations.
  1. Barcoding and Scanning: Utilizes Ply’s native iOS and Android apps for barcode scanning, facilitating easy tracking and management of stock.
  1. Automated Replenishment Lists: Automatically generates lists for replenishment based on set low and critical alerts, simplifying inventory management.
  1. Request Creation from Replenishment Lists: Enables easy creation of procurement requests directly from the replenishment lists, streamlining the ordering process.
  1. Activity and Analytics Tracking: Monitors materials movement and usage, providing essential analytics for better inventory forecasting and management.
  1. Material Transfer Between Locations: Facilitates the movement of materials between warehouses and trucks, ensuring efficient resource allocation.
  1. Integration with FSM Software: Compatible with popular Field Service Management systems like Service Titan, HouseCall Pro, and ProCore, allowing for smooth job integration.
  1. Transparent and Data-Driven Approach: Offers visibility into all inventory movements and uses data analytics for better forecasting and purchasing decisions.
  1. Jobs Feature: Allows for material attribution to specific jobs, ensuring precise tracking of inventory usage.
  1. Draft RFQs Feature: Technicians can create RFQs directly in the field, which are sent for approval, streamlining the material request process.

'Manage' is tailored to automate and simplify stock management, reducing the tedious aspects of inventory control. It's a solution that not only tracks stock but also intelligently forecasts needs, aligns with business workflows, and integrates seamlessly with procurement processes, ensuring businesses operate more efficiently.


Below is a product demo of Ply ‘Manage’.

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