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👨‍💻 How Can I Generate & Print Barcodes in Ply?

📲 Creating barcodes for your inventory items in Ply is a simple process:

  1. Go to your Catalog or Stock.
  1. Select the Item/s you Want to Print the Barcodes. You can create barcodes from a single item to the entire catalog. It's up to you and the amount of materials you select.
  1. Click on “Print & Export”.
  1. Select the Type of Paper you are Using.
  1. Select your Preferred Template.
  1. Sort the codes as you like.
  1. Print the labels.

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🔎 Consider the Following:


Unique PLY Barcodes per Location:

When you add an item to a location, Ply generates a unique barcode for each location. This ensures that each item's barcode is specific to its location.


Using Catalog-Level Barcodes:

If you assign a barcode to an item at the catalog level, you can use that barcode across all locations. This allows for consistent identification of items regardless of where they are located.


Printing Barcodes for Multiple Locations:

When printing barcodes from the catalog that include multiple locations, Ply will print barcodes for all specified locations. This helps in managing inventory efficiently across different sites.


Assigning the Same Barcode to Multiple Locations:

You can assign the same barcode (such as a manufacturer barcode) to items in multiple locations. This is useful for items that are distributed across various locations but need to be tracked with a single barcode.


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