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📊 Barcoding: How to Configure Your Scanner Device?

Devices with Integrated Scanners

Ply allows users to scan barcodes seamlessly from any screen 👨‍💻


The Ply application seamlessly supports the Munbyn RT40D device right out of the box. However, for other devices, pre-configuration is required to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. If you're using a device other than the Munbyn RT40D, please follow our pre-configuration instructions to enable barcode scanning functionality:

  1. Locate the application responsible for integrated scanners on your Munbyn device. This application is typically named "Scanner Configuration" or "Keyboard Emulator.”
  1. Access the settings within this application and identify the input fields resembling the following👇
    1. Notion image

  1. In the "Broadcast Name" field, input "," and in the "Key" field (also referred to as "Data Extra"), input "DATA."
  1. (Optional) If available, select "UTF-8" as the preferred format in the "Scan Encoding" settings.

If you need more help setting up your device, feel free to reach out to our amazing customer support team. We're here to help!

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