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31. What is the difference between catalog and stock?

📚 On Ply, 'catalog' and 'stock' are two distinct components of your materials management system:

  • Catalog: Think of the catalog as your comprehensive library of materials. It contains detailed listings of all the items you might need for your projects, regardless of their current quantities or locations.
  • Stock: Your stock, on the other hand, refers to the actual quantities of materials you have on hand at various locations. It represents the physical inventory that's available for use or sale.

How They Interact:

  • When setting up a new stock location, you select items from your catalog and specify the quantities to establish your starting inventory.
  • If you have a new item in your FSM or create a new item from an RFQ it will create a record of that item within your catalog and can be moved into your stock location

This separation enhances the functionality of Ply's 'Manage' and 'Buy' products, allowing for efficient inventory tracking and procurement across your business operations.

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