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22. What is a dedicated buyer and how do I contact them?

🤵 A dedicated buyer at Ply acts as your businesses personal procurement assistant, responsible for a variety of tasks to streamline your purchasing process.

This person or people are assigned at onboarding and may change depending on the types of projects you’re working on to optimize for domain knowledge within a space.


Here’s how they assist you:

  • Organizing RFQs: They meticulously arrange the details of your RFQs throughout the whole process.
  • BOM Coordination: They collaborate with your team to gather Bill of Materials (BOM) data.
  • Transcription of Field Notes: They convert on-site observations into detailed RFQs.
  • Supplier Relations: They liaise with your chosen suppliers and our extensive network.
  • Status Updates: They keep you informed about the progress of your RFQs.
  • Expert Recommendations: They provide tailored advice to optimize your procurement.
  • Logistics Coordination: They manage delivery details to ensure timely arrivals.
  • App Support: They offer assistance with any application-related queries.

Getting in Touch:

  • Direct Contact: Use the phone number or email address provided to reach out to your dedicated buyer directly.
  • In-App Chat: For real-time assistance, use our app's chat feature, which will connect you promptly to your dedicated buyer.

Your dedicated buyer is your go-to expert, ensuring your procurement needs are met with the highest level of personalized service.

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